Paintball Gun Stands – A How-to Guide


Paintball Gun Stand

Paintball Gun Stand

We want to help you play as much paintball as you can, so we thought we’d give you some tips to build a stand for your paintball gun. There are different ways to build a stand, and you should find the way that fits your gun. But there are certain materials that are common in the making of all gun stands.


  1. PVC Pipe – 45/90 elbows, 2 T-Pieces, and at least a 38″ straight piece
  2. PVC Cement
  3. Pipe cutting tool
  4. Foam tubing
  5. Scissors to cut the foam
  6. Sand Paper to smooth down rough edges

Before building:

  1. Sketch what you want your stand to look like
  2. Buy longer straight pieces and cut them (It’s cheaper)
  3. Cut the vertical piece where your gun will rest by marking it just below the elevation where you want your gun to rest.
  4. Before you cement the PVC pipes, slide the male ends into the female ends to ensure a proper fit

Instructions for basic design:

  1. From a long straight piece, cut: (All lengths are approximations)
      * A short piece for the tank to rest on (6”)
      * Two shorter pieces to connect the base of the barrel end (2”)
      * A longer piece to elevate your marker (12”)
      * Two longer straight pieces for the side (18”)
  1. Slide either end of the 18” pieces into one of the ends of the four elbow pieces, so one end of the four elbows is connected to the two 18” pieces.
  2. Lay the two longer 18” parallel to each other
  3. Cut a piece of foam long enough for the base (Leave enough room for either end of the 6” piece to fit into the two elbows)
  4. Slip the foam over the 6” piece
  5. Use the 6” piece to connect the 18” pieces by sliding the opened ends of the two elbows into it
  6. You can also slide two pieces of foam through either of the 18” pieces and lay the tank so it rests on those pieces
  7. Connect the elbows on the barrel side by connecting the 2” pieces into either of the opened ends of the other elbow pieces
  8. Connect the 2” pieces by inserting them into either end of a T-piece
  9. Point the T-piece vertical
  10. Connect the 12” straight piece to the T-piece
  11. Put a T-piece at the top (Rest the gun on that or cut it in half and lay the gun down in the same direction as the pipe. This is where you would use the sand paper.)

This is a very basic design. The picture above is another design. The nice thing about building a gun stand with PVC pipe is it is cheap and collapsable. You can also build them to fit more than one paintball gun, your airsoft gun, your face mask or eye protection, and other gear.

Do you have another design? Post it on our Facebook .

See you next week!

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