Paintball: Pump Gun Style

Tippmann Pump Paintball Gun

Pump Paintball Gun

If you hear a sound on the paintball field like a gun gasping for air or wheezing, you’re probably hearing a pump gun. They work with more efficiency than your typical semi-auto gun, but they also don’t shoot as rapidly. These guns have certain advantages and disadvantages, and they were the first type of paintball gun manufactured.

Advantages of Pump Guns

1. When money is tight, these guns are a cheaper option
2. They’re usually lighter allowing you to be more maneuverable
3. You don’t shoot as often, so you save on paintballs
4. They cause you to focus on your accuracy
5. They help you improve your strategy
6. They make you more patient

Disadvantages of Pump Guns

1. You are normally outgunned by semi-auto guns
2. You can’t walk your trigger
3. It requires two hands to use
4. It is difficult to crawl or run and fire
5. You cannot fire and reload simultaneously
6. Difficult to defend against a bunkering situation
7. Difficult to put someone in a bunkering situation

Tips for using a pump gun

1. Stay out of situations that put you at a disadvantage
2. Pump after each shot, so you’re ready to go for the next shot
3. Check your paint often, since you cannot fire and reload simultaneously
4. Look for good shooting angles and flanking opportunities
5. Try using them in sniping situations

History of pump guns

1. James Hale began manufacturing pump guns in 1970
2. Their original purpose was to mark trees and cattle
3. They used oil based paint to make permanent marks
4. They used 12 gram CO2 tanks
5. They shot streams of paint instead of paintballs

So you still think playing with a pump gun is the paintball equivalent of riding a moped in a Supercross motorcycle race? Well, it is. But you don’t get better by playing at or below your experience level.

Do you use a pump gun? Has it improved your game?

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