Variations of Paintball and The Rules They’re Played By

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So you’ve heard of variations of paintball games, but you’re not sure what they are or how to play them. Below is a list of the more popular ones. But like any extreme sport there’re bound to be smaller people who make up their own variation.


  • Also called Woods Paintball, Hillball, or Bushball
  • Players compete in woods like settings
  • This was the original form of the game
  • Dominant leagues are the Woodsball Tournament League and Ultimate Woodsball League

Speedball – (Airball refers to the version with with portable, PVC Fabric bunkers)

  • Started at SC Village in Corona, CA
  • Brass Eagle introduced inflatable bunkers
  • There are three professional Speedball leagues
  • The NPPL, PSP, and NSL all use flags
  • Professional speedball is played in teams of three, four, five, or seven players
  • Played on groomed, enclosed courses with bunkers
  • Games are timed (2:15 to 20 minutes)

Scenario Paintball

  • Games are based on scenarios or stories
  • Scenarios are historically based, futuristic, or video game simulations
  • Games consist of large groups and can last for hours or days
  • Points are usually scored by objectives
  • Players may wear costumes based on characters
  • Vehicles, such as Paintball Tanks, are sometimes used
  • Players sometimes carry water and may be able to re-enter the game if eliminated
  • Players are sometimes given roles with abilities and tasks
  • Various props such as radios and electronic bugs may be used

Tactical Paintball

  • This is a MilSim variation of Woodsball or Scenario PB
  • Used in law enforcement and military training
  • Markers may be equipped with devices such as grips, rails, scopes, bipods, flashlights and lasers
  • Players may wear vests and pouches

Stock Class Paintball

  • Only a marker a player must pump or cock may be used
  • Marker must have feed horizontal to the barrel that must be titled to feed the next ball into
  • Marker must use a 12 gram powerlet
  • Each feed tube may only hold 20 balls
  • A player is generally only allowed to carry 40 rounds
  • Variations are modified stock class, super stock, and open class


  • Points are scored when a team wins centerflag (A version of capture the flag where a flag is placed in the center)
  • Professional Xball matches are 50 minutes long and split in half
  • Most leagues only allow five or seven man teams
  • Some leagues allow up to 19 players that are substitutes when points are scored
  • Coaches and spectators are allowed to communicate with players
  • Penalized players are not removed from games but are placed in a penalty box

These variations deserve honorable mentions:

  • Hopperball – Players are only allowed to use 200 balls or the amount that fits in their hopper
  • One Ball – Players are only allowed to load one ball into their hopper at a time
  • Xball Light – Consists of one period (usually 15 minutes). Matches are won when total points are scored (usually five or seven) or time runs out
  • Splatmaster – A child friendly version played on smaller courses. Visit our Splatmaster page.

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